About Us

It all started…

with an idea and a cell phone. The idea was to create a simple and affordable home heating oil company in several locations in Montgomery County and the surrounding area.

A vow to maintain affordable prices for Hunter Heating Oil led to the decision that the cost would always be at least $0.20/gallon cheaper than competitors. To keep things simple, a basic sign up process was created. Then, due to a majority of the residents in the area being native Spanish speakers, the first employee was hired – a bilingual friend, who could help walk both English and Spanish speaking customers through the sign up the process.

Once the process was finalized, a cell phone was purchased and it became the only way of communication in the beginning between every customer and the company. In those first weeks, it was one incoming call after another on that phone. As time went on and new customers continued to sign up, the need to expand was obvious.

The online sign up process was created and customers were able to schedule their heating oil deliveries with the quick click of a button. Today, that cell phone still sits readily available, but it only rings a fraction of the time compared to those first days, because most customer communication is carried out over the internet.

Today, customers can sign up online at their own convenience and see for themselves just how easy it is to complete an order in less than five minutes. Once signed up, they are emailed our various promotions, which can help save an additional amount off of already low prices. More savings are available on the Hunter Heating Oil Facebook page, which anyone can have access to as soon as they like the page. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of every discount offered by signing up through website and liking the Facebook page.

As Hunter Heating Oil continues to try to meet all of its customers’ needs, feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to use the information on the Contact Us page to send feedback.